Photo of the Month, Guidelines

PastphotoMonthAt each monthly meeting, members bring a printed photo (maximum longest side – 22″) of their choice to be entered in a competition where all attending members vote for their favorite “Photo of the Month”.  The winning print is displayed in the Guild meeting room until the next meeting.  It’s a fun competition for all.

Guidelines for the Contest

  1. All Guild members can enter a print. The winner of a given month cannot enter the succeeding meeting/month’s contest.
  2. The photo needs to be submitted as a print, not electronically.
  3. The photo can be a print up to no longer than 22” on the longest side.
  4. The photo must have been taken within the past year.
  5. The photo cannot have been entered in a previous photo-of-the-month contest.
  6. The winning photo will be displayed at the Guild for one month (or until the next contest).
  7. There shall be no prolonged esteem in winning – the winner of the preceding month’s contest must count the votes for the current month’s contest.
  8. Guests of the Guild are eligible to vote for the photo-of-the-month; guests are not eligible to enter a print.


Another avenue for sharing your work during the monthly meetings is the:

Monthly Photo Challenge 

  • At each monthly Guild meeting, the Guild defines a “photo challenge” theme for the ensuing month.
  • The purpose is make the theme of that month to be the “theme” of your photo; it is not okay to merely add the theme topic to your photo, but to make it the primary theme of the entire photo.
  • At the next meeting members can bring photos for viewing and discussion which they took as an interpretation of the “challenge” theme.
  • All photo(s) shall preferably be submitted electronically – on a flash drive or camera card. Paper prints can be submitted at a member’s discretion.
  • Photos must have been taken only after the challenge was issued, in other words, after the last meeting (see next two points).
  • A member is allowed to bring two new photos for viewing and critique.
  • A member is also allowed to bring one photo that was taken prior to the last meeting, but is not more than a year old.
  • Photos must have been taken only after the challenge was issued.
  • “Challenge” photos are not to be submitted for the Photo-of-the-Month contest.

General Photo/Portfolio Review

A member may at any given monthly meeting bring a photo or series of photos for showing and discussion. The photos may be in electronic or print format.

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