Photographers Guild and Goshen Historical Society Museum Collaborate on Photography Display

At the invitation of Goshen Historical Museum (124 S Main St), The Guild has a display of photographs in the front store window, running July through September. The initial idea was to show photographs of the Goshen and surrounding areas. We did that as much as possible.

The Guild and the Museum invite you to stop by and see the display. The museum hours are 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Thurs., Fri., and Sat. On First Fridays they remain open until 9 p.m. If you are in town and the museum is not open, one should still stop by as the display is quite viewable from the store entrance window.

The Goshen Historical Society encourages all photographers to help record the history of Goshen. Bring in your old Goshen historic-related photos or, bring in new ones of history-in-the-making. While the museum cannot pay for photos submitted they credit the photographer when that information is available.

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Photo of the Month – July 2017

Congratulations to Jim Loomis for winning
the July Photo of the Month Contest

Jim Loomis

The photograph taken on a clear night before the moon had risen. Once the moon is up it’s light would obscure many of the stars. It was necessary to drive into the countryside, away from ANY artificial lights. Before sunset I had focused the lens on a distant point, turned off autofocus and used gaffer tape to prevent the focus ring from moving. In the field I used a small flashlight covered with red cellophane so my eyes would remain adapted to the low light levels.

Taken with Nikon D610 camera, f/2.8, 20 sec. shutter speed, ISO 1100, Focal length 14mm.

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Photography Trip to the Michigan City Lighthouse

May 2oth was “The Evolution of the Fine Art Image” seminar given by Bryson Leidich. Some of the attendees went on a cold and windy road trip on Sunday, the 21st, putting their skills into practice. It was a search for a beautiful sunset, but there was none to be found that night.

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Photo of the Month – June 2017

Congratulations to Jeff Longenbaugh for winning
the June Photo of the Month Contest

This photo was taken in the afternoon while my son and I explored Olympic National Park. The weather was wet which is not unusual since part of the park is considered a temperate rain forest. There were occasional sightings of the sun. My goal was to capture some sense of the rugged beauty of the stream.

Fuji XT-2 with Fuji XF 18-135 lens at 20mm.  F16, Iso 400, .3 sec.  Single shot, no compositing.  Manfrotto tripod, Kirk ballhead.  Developed in Photoshop.

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