Photography Trips

The Guild members from time-to-time plan a group photo excursion, and it is often open to non-Guild members.  Past destinations have included places such as Starved Rock State Park in Illinois, Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park in Michigan, Turkey Run State Park in Indiana, Waveland, Indiana, and Clifty Falls in Madison, Indiana.  This is an excellent way to put into practice all of the new skills you have learned while having other photographers nearby as a resource for asking questions, getting new ideas for composition, etc.  

Day Trip to Chellberg Farm/Bailly Homestead
709-747 N Mineral Springs Rd, Porter, IN 46304
Saturday June 8, 2019

Open to the Public…..

Basic Time Line:
Coordinator: Mike Goodwin Email:
Leave Photographers Guild at 1:30PM
Arrive 3:00PM at Chellberg Farm
Depart 6:00PM for Michigan City for dinner and then drive to the Beach for Sunset shoot.  Sunset 9:15pm
Depart for home Approx. 9:45PM

Cost: $10.00 to cover gas for the drivers and any excess will go to the Guild’s general fund.  This should be a fun day with lots of photography opportunities.  I have been there a few times, and will be available to help you get the most out of the day.

Please email me to save your spot. Email: Mike at
Drivers will be needed to car pool.

Mike Goodwin, Guild President

Facebook event at

The National: Best Contemporary Photography 2018

April 28, 2018 @ 9:00AM leave from The Photographers Guild

The National is an invitational and juried exhibition, anchored by invited artists Alan Bur Johnson, Jessica Todd Harper, Michelle Andonian, Clint Baclawski, and Natalie Christensen. The exhibit will be augmented by the work of dozens more photography standouts from across the country selected for the show by jury. This exhibition will showcase the finest photography created or exhibited in the nation.

Mike Goodwin will be taking those interested down on Saturday 4/28/18.  We will drive to Fort Wayne and visit the show.   After the show we will find a place for lunch and have a short photo walk up town.  We will leave for home later in the afternoon.  Plan on taking your time at the show, when everyone is finished we will go to lunch.

Contact Mike Goodwin if you would like to go.  Non-members welcome as long as we have people willing to drive.  

The Guild’s Clifty Falls Adventure – June 2-4, 2017

After our second attempt, the first being back in 2016, we made it to Clifty Falls State Park, near Madison, Ind., in June of this year.  Larry Baumgardt and spouse Clare, Ron McAllister, Mike Goodwin and spouse Stephanie, Melodie Rodgers and friend Linda, Branden Beachy, Lou Putnam, Danean Spilko, and myself all had a bang up, smash up time. We had several good group-get-together meals. Most of us got along with each other most of the time. Group in-fighting was minimal and never actually included any physical blows. Photograph above right by Branden Beachy

We did two group shots, the first being a late Friday evening sunset into pure darkness of the bridge across the Ohio River, connecting Milton, Ken. and Madison. The entire group was present for that event. Is there anyone wanting to buy a super-duper photo of the bridge? I have one real cheap. Oh what the heck, I’ll sell you the whole bridge!

The next morning before sunrise only the hale and hearty, and I emphasize “hale and hearty” – Larry, Danean (who stepped into waist deep mud on the river bank and we had to pull her out run her through the nearby carwash), Mike, Lou, and I – attempted a sunrise over-the-river shot.Our cameras were pointing in the opposite direction from the night before. Melodie and Linda didn’t make it because they were sleeping in the Clifty Falls campground and couldn’t hear their alarm over the din of the mosquitoes. Branden overslept. The rest were just plain lazy.  Breakfast in a local café tasted awesome.

On Saturday a.m., after the sunrise shot, we discovered Clifty Falls actually had waterfalls but none that you could get to because of deep and steep ravines. Hence, the name Clifty Falls – only those who “fall” into the ravines get to see the water. That was a majorly depressing piece of education for the group after hiking for about 45 minutes. Every camera contained nothing but blank frames.

So look at the photos that Kay (our dedicated editor and publisher) has included and feel free to send each artist an abundance of complimentary and laudatory praises of outstanding, stupendous success, albeit with mediocrely-possessed talent.

Danny Graber

Photography Trip to the Michigan City Lighthouse – May 21, 2017

May 2oth was “The Evolution of the Fine Art Image” seminar given by Bryson Leidich. Some of the attendees went on a cold and windy road trip on Sunday, the 21st, putting their skills into practice. It was a search for a beautiful sunset, but there was none to be found that night.

2015 Trip to Waveland, Indiana

2014 Trip to the Kendallville Windmill Museum