Congratulations to Mike Goodwin and Kay Rhodes who tied as this month’s winners!

“Red Barn” by Mike Goodwin. Pulled over on the side of the road, rolled window down and took the shot. In Photoshop I desaturated  the color image to give a monotone feel and down-play the very red barn.

Camera Settings:  F/8 @ 1/125th of a second. ISO 400.  Image stabilized lens at 105mm.

“Weathered Roots” by Kay Rhodes. I discovered a beach full of weathered wood on Sanibel Island in Florida, this past February . I’m always drawn to texture in nature, and the roots caught my eye and seemed draw me in to take a photograph.

Camera settings: Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 24-105mm lens, f/8, 1/500 sec shutter speed, ISO 250.
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The National: Best Contemporary Photography 2018

The Photographers Guild is facilitating a trip to Fort Wayne on April 28, 2018. Meet @ 9:00AM at The Photographers Guild to carpool to the event.

The National is an invitational and juried exhibition, anchored by invited artists Alan Bur Johnson, Jessica Todd Harper, Michelle Andonian, Clint Baclawski, and Natalie Christensen. The exhibit will be augmented by the work of dozens more photography standouts from across the country selected for the show by jury. This exhibition will showcase the finest photography created or exhibited in the nation.

Mike Goodwin will be taking those interested down on Saturday 4/28/18.  We will drive to Fort Wayne and visit the show.   After the show we will find a place for lunch and have a short photo walk up town.  We will leave for home later in the afternoon.  Plan on taking your time at the show, when everyone is finished we will go to lunch.

Contact Mike Goodwin if you would like to go.  Non-members are welcome as long as we have people willing to drive.  

Congratulations to Danny Graber for winning this month’s contest  

Morning Snow, Fog, and Cold 

This was taken on February 12, 2018, in Elkhart County. I have found it very difficult in many different tries to capture a true sense of fog, snow, and sun. This one seemed to work for me. In spite of it being shivering cold that morning, the sun was extremely bright (coming in from the right) so the contrast was high. I photographed in manual at ISO 100, f/8, at shutter speed 1/4000 using a 70-200mm lens. Because of the high shutter speed and because I was standing on a county road with noticeable traffic, I did not use a tripod. In Photoshop I toyed with varying color balance in order to give the photo a soft and slightly warmer-than-cold-snow appeal. Simply said, the color balance was the artist’s (my) choice rather than depicting the cold snow but at the same time retaining the feel of snow and fog.    


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Congratulations to Don Hershberger and Joe Tinervia for winning this month’s contest  

“All but two will fit in the closet” by Don Hershberger.  What started out as a fairly straightforward photo of the model furniture against a plain background progressed to become a pieced together simulation of a wall in a house as the background with electrical outlet and a picture hung on it.


“Wu in the Wild” by Joe Tinervia. This image was captured during the Guild’s outing in St. Joseph Michigan along the shore. You can see the Wen is walking along the edge of the metal seawall. The hills in the background are actually ice formations with sand blown over them to give them that unique texture of an alien planet. I wanted to get him in silhouette with some lens flare so I ran over to get into position as he was walking along. I am happy with the resulting image.

I shot this on a Canon 6d with my 70-200mm f/2.8 lens at 73mm, f/3.2, 1/1000sec ISO 100, +2 Exposure compensation set due to the strong back-lighting. I cropped, raised the contrast and clarity, adjusted overall exposure down a bit and lightened up the shadows and Wen’s face in Lightroom.

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