Monthly Photograph Challenge

The purpose of a monthly photograph challenge is to make the theme of that specific month to be the “main theme” of your photograph. It is not okay to merely add the theme topic to your photograph that already has another primary theme. The “monthly challenge topic” must be the primary theme of the entire photograph. One should work at all photography principles – composition, balance, focal point, creative lighting, exposure, and storytelling.

  1. Each month at the Guild’s regular meeting, time is set aside to review the photographs members have taken for that specific month’s challenge topic.
  2. The challenge topics are chosen before the beginning of each year and the photographs can be taken at any time after they have been announced.
  3. All photographs brought for the challenge critique and review shall be submitted electronically – on a flash drive or camera card. (Paper prints may be submitted at a member’s discretion.)
  4. A member is allowed to bring two photographs each month for viewing and critique.
  5. Challenge photographs are not to be submitted for the photo-of-the-month contest.

The challenge topic was created to give Guild members a challenge of demonstrating their best photography skills and using photography principals. It is okay to be a beginner, but one should, no matter at what level, give thoughtful consideration how to best present their given skill level.

Monthly General Photograph/Portfolio Review

 A member may at any given monthly meeting bring a photo or series of photographs for showing and discussion. The photographs may be in electronic or print format.