Monthly Photo Challenge

Each monthly Guild meeting has a “photo challenge” theme.

The purpose is make the theme of that month to be the “theme” of your photo; it is not okay to merely add the theme topic to your photo, but to make it the primary theme of the entire photo. The photo needs to be taken with good photography principles in mind: good composition, balance, focal point, correct lighting, technical excellence, etc.

  1. Each month at the Guild’s regular meeting, time is set aside to review the photographs members have taken for that specific month’s Challenge topic.
  2. The Challenge topics are chosen before the beginning of each year and the photographs can be taken anytime after they have been posted.
  3. All photographs brought for the Challenge critique and review shall be submitted electronically – on a flash drive or camera card. (Paper prints may be submitted at a member’s discretion.)
  4. A member is allowed to bring two photographs for viewing and critique.
  5. Challenge photographs are not to be submitted for the Photo-of-the-Month contest.


  1. The Guild also offers an “Open Review” time slot for any photograph any member wishes to bring in.
  2. The monthly Photo-of-the-Month contest has specific rules that are posted on the Guild’s web site.

2017 Themes

JANUARY – Holiday Fun
FEBRUARY – Sick of Snow
MARCH – Creative Letters
APRIL – Signs of Spring
MAY – Wet
JUNE – Technology
JULY – Cars
OCTOBER – Fields
DECEMBER – (no meeting)

It is up to the photographer to come up with their own interpretation of each theme.

Monthly General Photo/Portfolio Review

 A member may at any given monthly meeting bring a photo or series of photos for showing and discussion. The photos may be in electronic or print format.