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Welcome to New Member – Grant Beachy

Grant Beachy – member since October 2015 I’ve picked up photography pretty recently. I bought my first camera in 2012 and have worked hard at it ever since. The Guild was an attraction for me as a potential place to

Welcome to New Member – Bruce Nethercutt

Bruce Nethercutt – member since November 2015 I developed an interest in photography as a child enjoying my father’s photography. At family get-togethers, he would show his photographs from a slide projector. I loved the memories and emotions my father

Welcome to John Charles – New Member since April

John Charles – member since April 2015 My Years of Photography – Once upon a time…when I was 9 or 10, mom, my Auntie Bob & I went on a trip to Pittsburgh. Mom bought me a “Brownie”… “for memories”, she

Welcome to new Guild member Larry Baumgardt

Larry Baumgardt – member since March 2015 My Father’s passion for photography was passed to me when he gave me a Nikon F during my high school days. My interest blossomed while at Northwestern University where I photographed for the