Adobe Creative Cloud Update – December 1, 2015

-by Branden Beachy

Adobe Creative Cloud programs update themselves to a certain degree, but for a lot of their more major updates, you need to tell them to update.

To update your Adobe Creative Cloud applications, you need to use the Creative Cloud App, which is shown highlighted below. You might have it on your desktop, or in the start menu.image001

Once you start it, if you are not currently logged in, it will ask for your Adobe credentials. Once you have signed in, you should see something that looks like this:
On the Apps tab, you will see all the programs you have installed, and if any of them need to be updated, you will see a blue Update button. As you can see, I have a Photoshop CC update waiting.

Click the Update button for all of the apps you want to update, and that’s it – It will download and install the updates.