Welcome to New Member – Grant Beachy

Grant Beachy-5960Grant Beachy – member since October 2015

I’ve picked up photography pretty recently. I bought my first camera in 2012 and have worked hard at it ever since. The Guild was an attraction for me as a potential place to print in a darkroom and have access to framing and matting. I also want to learn from people who have different approaches than I do. In the last three years I’ve had a chance to shoot a wide variety of photos. I’m slowly narrowing down my interests to portrait and storytelling in photos of people. I love using lighting to achieve the look I want, but any available light that looks good is fine with me. I mostly use Canon gear, but also have film cameras in 35mm and medium format, as well as an old medium format digital Mamiya.

I haven’t really entered any competitions yet, but some highlights for me have been getting hired for portrait sessions with Notre Dame football standouts for ND promotional material, portrait sessions with Matisyahu, a nationally known reggae/rapper, and getting the cover of the latest Edible Michiana.

Most people have heard the Henri Cartier-Bresson quote, “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” In the digital age, I’d expand that to 100,000. I’ve passed that now, but I realize if I want to master a craft it will take more work than anything else. I figure if I’m going to do something, I’m going to put in the necessary work, and the Guild is the next step in that process.  Website: grantbeachy.com